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New version of EFSA model for operator, bystander, resident and worker assessment exposure

A new version of the EFSA model1 has been released (24 April 2015) without apparent publicity to announce the availability of this update. Modifications appear to centre round the 95th percentile values for operator mixing/loading head exposures. This would appear to be a latest version, with no indication as to when the final version will be available.

The guidance document accompanying the EFSA model, published in October 20142 made reference to the traditional AOEL, with the introduction of the new term acute AOEL (AAOEL). These terms have been omitted from the model and replaced with the terms RVNAS (Reference value non acutely toxic active substance) and RVAAS (Reference value acutely toxic active substance), respectively. Currently no guidance documentation has been published by EFSA to confirm whether the AOEL is comparable to the RVNAS and how the RVAAS is derived. Latest intelligence suggests that the EFSA model will come into force as of January 2016.


  2. Guidance of EFSA. Guidance on the assessment of exposure of operators, workers, residents and bystanders in risk assessment for plant protection products. EFSA Journal 2014; 12(10):3874


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Published 26th June 2015
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